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200W Beam light
Detail Info
Light source specifications: excellent light MSD R5 200W, color temperature 8500K; average life of 2000 H
Rated voltage: AC200V-250V, 50 / 60Hz; 300W
Beam angle: parallel beam angle 0 ° -3 °
Linear dimming: Mechanical linear dimming 0 to 100%
High-speed strobe: better than the effect of electronic strobe, can instantaneous 1-22 times / second strobe switch
Fixed color: 1 fixed color wheel with 14 dichroic, linear color conversion and rainbow effect
Static pattern: 17 fixed patterns, variable speed jitter / bi-directional rotation effect;
Prism: independent octagonal prism, two-way variable speed rotation
Focus: high-precision glass optical lens, linear high-definition adjustment
Softening: independent softening effect, soft spot natural
High-speed aperture: up to seven of the beam adjustment
Horizontal / vertical: horizontal scanning angle of 540 ° / 630 °, vertical scanning angle of 270 °
Control channel: 16 (extended) / 15 (standard) / 12 (streamlined) control mode selection;
Light body weight: electronic ballast 17.5Kg
Protection class: IP20
Lamp packaging: waterproof shockproof air box or carton
Lamp accessories: manual 1; insurance rope 1; light hook 2; 2 m signal line 1
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