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36 a 5 w moving head beam light
Detail Info

Product name: LED light beam moving head light of 36

Voltage: AC100V - AC220V / 50 hz - 60 hz

Import Cree LED light source: 36 * 3/5 w (R.G.B.W) special optical lens, high strength focusing.

Life: an average of 100000 hours of super-long LED life, low energy consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection LED

Channel: 12/15 international standard DMX channel

Power consumption: 130/200 w

Three kinds of control mode: DMX signal control/master-slave/acoustic model

Horizontal: 540 ° or 630 ° (16 bit precision scan)

Vertical scanning: 265 ° (16 bit precision scan)

Stroboscopic: high-speed electronic stroboscope adjusted can be up to 1 - or random stroboscopic 25 times/SEC

Dimming: tuned optical channels can be controlled at the same time four primary colors of light and shade change and close the light

Color: uniform RGBA color mixture system and rainbow effect, can be adjusted through the white LED color temperature is more rich and colorful color

Display: beautiful blue and white LCD display

Application: there are 8 built-in programs to choose from, it can run automatically can be controlled by external control table

Weight: 6.5 kg

Size: 295.6 x190x344mm


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